Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late update. Upgraded to Steam VR 2.0+ in Unity and had to Change MANY things to work with the new System Valve is trying to do. The good thing is it will work on almost any VR device and not just the HTC vive 🙂 I have been going through every UI element, Menu, and intractable object in the game that works with VR and reworking everything to work with the new Steam VR 2.0 in Unity3D.

I was previously using the Vive Input Utility in unity3D but have switched to Steam VR 2.0 which abstracts the controller input so depending on the Users VR device controller they are using, they can assign custom mappings and the input will detect a trigger pull, laser pointer button activation, track pad ect on any controller as this is now handled inside Steam VR and not something that is hard coded to just Cannabis Farmer Strain Master VR Weed Game anymore for Input bindings.

VR weed game

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