1) Plants now start off small and will increase in height and bud size depending on fertilizer you supply them with. Sea kelp for instance increases branch growth.

2) Fixed quality score gold leaf icons and added motion to quality score bar on wooden plant signs. The bar increases to full green when you have achieved 3 golden leafs representing full AAA quality achieved on your plant.

3) Added 2 more sets of branches to every strain that will fill out your plant with more buds if you give them enough fertilizer to grow extra branches and buds. Fertilizers are not always guaranteed to supply the same quality score each use, Some fertilizers are between a range of values and some fertilizers are always a set amount.

4) Weapons in shed snap to your hand for an added motion effect when selecting them in the shed

5) Fixed soda can collider so when you throw soda cans they will roll a little bit before exploding soda out the top.(not sure if anyone found out the soda can Easter egg yet)

6) Fixed collider boundaries and added some colliders to rocks and tree stubs.

7)fixed door issue when clicking in a different direction when you were by the car resulted in going back again. Validates if you are pointing at the door on the car before bringing you to town or back to your crops.