Releasing Soon To Steam

Steam VR 

Cannabis Farmer Strain Master is a Marijuana growing simulator game where you will really put your master grower skills to test.

  • Grow strains and sell them in town to dispensaries
  •  Unlock 24 different strains and levels as you Grow and sell your way to Strain Master status
  • Unlock new stores to sell unlocked strains
  • Weather effects like rain that effect the plants quality
  •  Use fertilizer like Mychorize, Sea kelp, organic and chemical fertilizer and Final Flush to increase quality of buds
  •  Depending upon how you grow your plants they can reach different quality levels just like real life growing meaning higher profit!
  •  Harvest your plants with ninja swords and ninja stars for some added harvesting fun!
  • 24 unique strains of different leaf textures, size, height, and shape. Wait till you see how tall the Sativa’s like Lemon Haze get!
  • 3D spatial sound immerses you in the grow!
  • Unlock and buy Bongs with your Grow money from the Dispensary and smoke!



Weed Grow Game