The new feature coming soon is going to be a slot machine into the game that you can spend coins at for a chance to get more seeds, fertilizer, coins in game ect. The slot machine will be released soon in an update.

*Changed seed to spawn from drop position to reset every time you hit the drop seed action key now. Planting seeds feels more responsive now.

* Added animation to Wooden sign when planting a seed.

* Added Change to Weapons in shed so they feel like they snap into the characters hands more when you select them.

*Working on the ability to interact with more items in the environment, small things.

thinking of adding some new strains to unlock in a couple weeks. Ill give you an update when it gets closer to me working on them.


Slot Machine Cannabis Farmer Game

Cannabis Farmer Strain Master was released today on Steam! Grab a copy and start harvesting in this weed grow game!

VR Support in is in the works. It had to be redone multiple times due to major changes in Unity’s new Action set system for VR support during development. The good news is, more VR device support.