Working on the terrain a little more. I have increase displacement and tessellation on the growing area and have added roughness maps to all terrain textures. Going to be working what the plants do when harvested with the weapons, adding volumetric light shafts inside of barn and shop windows. Progress bars under each achievement will also be added today. I have almost finished the pause menu Graphic options area so you can tweak settings such as FAA, anti-aliasing, texture resolution, fog and more along with pre set ultra,high,medium and low graphic presets.


marijuana grow game

Weed grow Game cannabis farmer
cannabis farmer strain master
Pot growing Game Terrain
Pot Grow Game

I have added volumetric Fog and Light. Reworked the Shaders for the leafs and they are semi translucent now allowing light Glow to pass Through the leafs. Reworked terrain textures and added a path and a lot more foliage. Trees Sway in wind slowly now. Full post processing effects added.

Added tessellation to Buds giving them a much better look and shape. Wetness and Puddles are added along with Rain which also ads to the plants Quality score and Growth. Reworked shed texture and tree bark shaders. Added Support for VR, specifically HTC Vive right now.

Increased Leaf Density on plants and gave them a more natural shape. Secondary Branches grow slower than main stem and leafs, as secondary branches grow the buds begin to form until they reach full size.

I really wanted to go for visual fidelity. Next I will be adding options for you to turn down visual effects to reach an acceptable level of performance for your graphics card is mid or lower end. I’m currently getting 110 FPS on a GTX 1080 during the most visually demanding part of this scene(full view of 16 different cannabis plants growing at once of 24 possible combinations which is the max allowed grow patches, with full post processing effects and volumetric lighting/fog turned on with max FAA and 8x anti aliasing, soft shadows and full texture resolution. 130-150 FPS walking around the environment facing away from the plants growing.

I have been doing a lot of optimization and refining to get this much detail at good frame rates. I will also be testing FPS on a 650 ti boost( Super low end card 8 years old) and also a Radeon RX580 so I will have an idea of performance on Low and Mid range cards.  I want to get a minimum spec for 650 TI boost levels to run at least 30fps on full effects. This is the most time consuming part of making sure this works on low end hardware at an acceptable frame rate. 

After I started to support VR for this Pot Growing Game I realized how amazing it is to play this game in VR just casualy sitting in my chair or getting up to walk around my crops and fertilize them fulls cale sativas 8 feet tall, all the detail of the environment. VR support really has motivated me to push the visual quality in a new direction and I can tell you that this is one of the most relaxing chill things I have played in VR in a very long time. This pot growing game, Cannabis Farmer Strain Master looks great in VR.

The Spatial 3D sound that is projected while your out walking sounds extremely crisp, and true to life distance for sound projection, giving great ambiance to the game.


Pot Growing Game Wet Terrain
Pot Growing Game Wet Terrain after it rains