We updated the trees and Grass textures yesterday. A lot higher resolution now and we added 19 full Electronic Dub / Reggae songs! We are going to be working on adding progress bars to the plants to show what fertilizers they have been feed and how close you are to the next Quality level on your nugs from A to AA to AAA quality. Remember every time it rains or you use certain fertilizers it will increase the quality score and other factors. A little video below to show you all the Light shafts, music and Rain.

Your Orange mustang will be upgradable in the game for a cleaner look. We will keep you updated on the many more features we are adding to the game.

Finally got some footage up of the gameplay!

This is your farm in the mountains. You can see in the video, the high-resolution sky and dynamic cloud system and rain really adds to the feeling of growing outdoors. the water droplets splash when they hit the ground and plants. We wanted to give players a sense of growing outdoors as much as we could on PC and VR. We have been working on the different sounds in the game this week like when you enter the shed you get spatial 3D sound of rain hitting the tin roof, the crunching of the gravel when you walk, the sound of planting the seeds in the dirt patches. When the game starts you are surrounded by the sounds of outdoors.