Cannabis farmer: Strain Master

A game for Growers of all kinds


Steam VR

Cannabis Farmer Strain Master is a Marijuana growing simulator game where you will really put your master grower skills to test.

  • Grow strains and sell them in town to dispensaries
  •  Unlock 24 different strains and levels as you Grow and sell your way to Strain Master status
  •  Establish relationships with dispensaries and unlock new stores to sell unlocked strains
  •  Use fertilizer like Mychorize, Sea kelp, organic and chemical fertilizer all affecting the plant differently
  •  Depending upon how you grow your plants they can reach different quality levels just like real life growing meaning higher profit!
  •  Harvest your plants with ninja swords and ninja stars for some added harvesting fun!
  • 24 unique strains of different leaf textures, size, height, and shape. Wait till you see how tall the Sativa’s like Lemon Haze get!
  • Beautifully animated clouds add to the environment and 3D spatial sound immerses you in the grow!
  • Unlock and buy Bongs with your Grow money from the Dispensary and smoke!


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A game For Growers of all kinds


We wanted to create a growing game that really allowed fellow growers and fans the ability to harvest and grow strains in 3D and then sell them at dispensaries while adding fun to harvesting like the ability to use a ninja sword and ninja stars, throw soda cans that burst open bought from the store vending machine and smoke bongs you buy from the dispensaries. Things like liquid Sea kelp increase the growth speed of your plants similar to how auxins the plant growth hormone found in sea kelp can increase growth in plants in real life. Each of the 24 different strains have different looking buds which helps to create a feel of each unlocked strain being unique in its height, shape growth speed and bud size, leafs and textures.